Facial Intelligence
Use your existing cameras to generate real-time insights. Track both known POIs and unknown suspects to identify fraud, enhance customer experience, and prevent crime.

Unveil contextual insights in real-time

Identify specific patterns – not just facial matching – that lead to game-changing action.

Better Shopping Experience
Offer tailored shopping experiences by pointing out repeat, loyal customers.

Loss Prevention
Detect and prevent returning and new shoplifters, as well as organized retail crime, reducing losses and maintaining profitability.

Security & Safety
Identify potential security threats, improving overall store safety.

Efficiency and Accuracy in Large Spaces
Monitor remotely to help understaffed personnel cover larger areas.

Forensic Analysis
Analyze previous attacks to gain situational awareness and understand who was involved, when, and how.

Enhanced Public Safety
Reveal behavior of unknown suspects rather than being limited to following known POIs.

Protect Security Personnel
Real-time alerts protect the safety of law enforcement from POIs and dangerous suspects in the field.

Fraud Prevention
Prevent fraud and scams at ATMs.

Improve Staff Performance and Customer Experience
Personalize and streamline customer service to drive loyalty and increase business.

Security for controlled access
Spot unauthorized individuals in restricted areas inside or outside the facility

Identifying Dangerous and Illicit Behavior
Prevent escape, smuggling, theft, and contraband.

Location Monitoring
Receive notifications of missing prisoners and spot unauthorized individuals in restricted areas.

Compliance & Regulations
Keep the required ratio between guards and prisoners.


Compliance and Safety
Identify situations that indicate potential risk

Increase Efficiency
Integrate with attendance systems, track work activity

Physical access control
Track movement of authorized personnel

Watchlist alerts
Protect assets, detect unauthorized personnel access

See Corsight in Action

Use Your Existing Cameras to Boost Security & Enhance Customer Experience

Accurate Analysis,
Even with Real-world Constraints

Poor video quality
Limited angles
Outdoor darkness
Extreme weather
Face coverage

Trusted by Leading Organizations Worldwide

Autonomous AI®

120+ Patents So You Don’t Need to Compromise

Reliable Accuracy

with low image quality, lighting or disguises

Speed at Scale

1 sec per 20M database

Cost Savings

Sharing cross-facility intelligence

With Built-In Anti Bias & Privacy Technologies

Face Data Anonymization™

Converts faces into digital signatures with automated blurring and hiding biometric data of non-targets


Removes race, gender, age and other factors for more accurate identification

Article 25 / GDPR Compliance

The only organization recognized as compliant globally

Fostering Collaborative Intelligence Across Teams and Locations

In the real world, suspects don’t necessarily revisit the same location. They certainly don’t limit behavior to your most experienced staff or those on duty from previous encounters. Don’t lose the knowledge that Dan gained yesterday, that Deb needs today.

Facial Intelligence Tailored for Your Needs