Expand Your Offering with Corsight AI's Facial Intelligence Technology


Corsight AI presents an opportunity for system integrators and OEMs to diversify and differentiate their business offerings. Our advanced Facial Intelligence technology moves beyond standard facial recognition, enhancing security, customer engagement and providing detailed footprint analysis. Tailored for easy integration, Corsight AI’s solutions are perfect for integrators aiming to expand their range of products and services, and for OEMs developing products that complement ours.

Why Partner with Corsight AI?

  • Streamlined Integration: Corsight AI’s technology is built for straightforward integration with existing platforms, facilitating a smooth and efficient addition to your services.
  • Reseller Partner Program: Our Facial Intelligence software equips our partners with a competitive edge, essential marketing resources, and dedicated support, complementing your existing product lineup.
  • Technology: Corsight AI’s Facial Intelligence technology delivers precise and efficient performance in various conditions, broadening your service capabilities.
  • Commitment to Ethics and Regulation Compliance: We prioritize privacy, ethics, and adhere to international data protection standards, aligning with your business’s values and legal obligations.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for various sectors: Our technology broadens your market reach, enhancing both security measures and customer experiences.

Partner Success Story: ISEG and Corsight AI’s Impact on Healthcare and Retail

Join us as we unveil the remarkable success story of our collaboration with esteemed partner ISEG. Together, we harness the cutting-edge capabilities of Corsight AI to craft a distinctive value proposition with a particular focus on the specific needs of the retail sector.

ISEG has already demonstrated the transformative power of Facial Intelligence, delivering substantial value to customers across Latin America. Now, we embark on a journey to explore further applications of this technology, aiming to tackle pressing challenges across diverse industries.

Unlock New Opportunities with Corsight AI

Join us and harness the power of the Corsight Facial Intelligence engine. Elevate your services with seamless integration and innovative solutions that cater to a smarter, safer community. Let’s innovate together – contact us to start our partnership journey.

Partners will receive

• Feature request prioritization
• Training for end customer meetings
• Support for independent partner installations
• Discounts and marketing support
• Product training and technical courses

Ethical Innovation

Corsight is setting the benchmark for ethical standards and privacy compliance in facial recognition technologies. We expect the same from our Partners. Please see information as described in our Ethics legislation, Privacy by design documentation and Privacy board at our Trust Center.