Corsight AI’s automated, contextual visual analysis platform identifies suspicious patterns and anomalies and triggers real-time alerts to enhance customer experience, improve service levels, and bolster security – all powered by Facial Intelligence technology.

FORTIFY: Industry Leading Accuracy

Fortify is Corsight’s core product – an advanced facial recognition system that provides industry-leading accuracy in crowds and challenging environments. Fortify’s face detection and recognition persists in almost complete darkness (1 lumen), extreme angles, moving crowds, low-quality images, and partially covered faces. Fortify easily integrates with existing camera infrastructure, equipping security professionals with a powerful real-time and forensic solution to rapidly pinpoint persons of interest, stop immediate threats, and ensure maximum safety.

What is Autonomous AI®?

Corsight is the first company to apply Autonomous AI® technology which mimics the way humans learn and recognize faces. Autonomous AI is a unique technology resulting from 15 years of neuroscience research and over 250 patents. Corsight leverages the same proprietary AI implemented in other markets, such as autonomous vehicles, AI-based X-ray scanning and Fintech.

The benefits of using state-of-the-art technology

Unmatched Accuracy

Benchmarked by top performance in NIST wild test and Department of Homeland Security with a significant advantage over main market leaders.

Lightning Speed

Process hundreds of cameras in parallel and get custom alerts instantly. Live camera face matching of 1 million records in 200 milliseconds.

Resilience In Extreme Conditions

Overcome problematic lighting conditions, distance, face coverings (50% of face exposed), blurry images from motion, outdated images and angle of view.


Easily scale for large size watchlist databases, hundreds of cameras and millions of appearances. The system architecture is built to support customer growth.


Plug and play with existing cameras and interoperability with security systems, access control systems (ACS) and specialized 3rd party software.


GDPR-compliant technology as a processor providing the end user the tools to deploy safe and ethical solutions.


Operate the system via a Linux, Windows or Mac machine (server must be Linux).

Corsight On The Edge

Edge computing on lightweight, resource-constrained devices in order to enable real-time and offline ability to respond.

From detection to a match in 3 steps

Identify persons of interest.

Generate insights and alerts.

Protect privacy.

Identify people of interest by matching them to a watchlist or recognizing specific patterns.

Generate real-time insights and alerts, instructing staff on how to handle the identified scenario.

Protect the privacy of all others through face blurring and other built-in privacy tools to comply with GDPR and regional privacy regulations.

Competitive Advantages