Our Ethical Mission

We strive to ethically produce the best facial recognition technology globally to positively contribute to a safer and fairer world. We recognize and are wholly committed to meeting the responsibilities we have for ensuring that our technology is only ever used as a force for good in the world we help to shape. Our ethical principles inform and drive our actions so that we address those commitments in a manner that inspires trust and confidence in those who use or are affected by our software.

Our philosophy is that we put the preservation of internationally recognized standards of human rights, our respect for the rule of law, the security of democratic institutions, and the safety of citizens at the heart of what we do.

Cyber Essentials is a UK government-backed cybersecurity certification scheme that sets out controls for organizations to implement for protection against common online threats
ISO 27001 is an international standard for managing information security, providing a framework for an information security management system (ISMS) to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.


Inclusion and diversity are fundamental to our efforts; to ensure that we remove any potential for the technology that we produce to discriminate against people or harm their human rights, and to ensure that we remove any risk of discrimination in our organisation. We apply a risk assessment approach to the decisions we make and the actions we take so as to ensure that they are fair and ethical. We will not trade with customers who do not commit to support and uphold internationally recognised standards of human rights in using Corsight AI technology.

Our software is developed to be ‘secure and with privacy by design.’ We further protect privacy and security of data by ensuring effective data governance that addresses the quality and integrity of the data used, access protocols and the processing of data in a manner that ensures that we and our partners meet our statutory and ethical data and privacy responsibilities.

The technologies we produce are human in control systems, which enable and support human decision-making which in turn can apply human values to uphold human rights. Those technologies are governed by human oversight.

We innovate and develop technology which is reliable, trustworthy, technically robust, is preventative to risk of inaccuracy, risk to cyber or other security-attack and risk of contributing harm to others. We scrutinise every element of our capabilities to identify, understand and mitigate any risk of harm in our systems and by so doing provide a solid foundation for trust in those who use or are affected by our systems.

We will deliver artificial intelligence systems in which it is possible to provide and explain in simple language how our systems have been ethically produced and how and why our systems make decisions.

We are accountable for complying with the rule of law and being demonstrably ethical in what we do and what we seek to achieve. We are accountable for the decisions we take particularly those where we get things wrong and will provide honest explanations to challenge and feedback. We will be positively and openly responsive in learning and ethically evolving from our experiences and the experiences of those who use or are affected by our technology.

Our responsibility is to produce software to have a positive impact upon democratic institutions and society at large. We will engage meaningfully with those institutions who operate our software to help them find their own solutions to their legal and ethical obligations and have processes which enable us to quickly identify and mitigate risk or actual harm. We will implement processes which identify and address risks to the environment which may be inherent in our organisational approach and products and those which may exist in our supply chain.

We inform and empower our people to responsibly innovate, design, produce and facilitate the ethical production of technology. We recognise that they produce the machines which can help to shape the world. We recognise the inherent importance of their informed contribution to delivering an ethical environment which eliminates risk of conscious or unconscious bias translating into our technology organisational approach. We encourage them to challenge and contribute positively to the continual improvement and encourage internal and external audit to support our development.

CORSIGHT AI - Data Protection Policy
Data Protection Policy
Corsight’s CPO: Thought Leadership Supporting Police Use Of Facial Recognition
Corsight’s CPO: Thought Leadership Supporting Police Use Of Facial Recognition
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