Boost Security and Improve Customer Experience with Corsight AI Facial Intelligence

In the constantly evolving banking industry, leveraging the right technology is essential for fraud prevention, improved staff performance, and personalized, streamlined customer experience. Corsight AI has become a game-changer for leading banks worldwide, offering them a powerful tool to turn challenges into opportunities.

Core Applications of Corsight AI in Banking

Fraud Prevention:
Corsight AI’s Facial Intelligence technology safeguards against fraud and scams at ATMs while also aiding in detecting employee embezzlement.

Improve Staff Performance and Customer Experience:
Personalize and streamline customer service, and track and reduce behavior that drives high labor costs to increase loyalty and efficiency.

Security for controlled access:
Spot unauthorized individuals in restricted areas inside or outside the facility. Identify and prevent offensive behavior and violence toward bank employees.


Preventing ATM Fraud with Corsight AI's Facial Intelligence

This brief demonstration showcases Corsight AI’s Facial Intelligence technology, which banks use to prevent ATM fraud.

The technology identifies patterns indicative of potential fraud, such as a person withdrawing cash from three or more ATMs within a single day. An alert is triggered upon recognizing such a pattern, enabling bank security teams to respond swiftly.

Why Corsight AI Stands Out

Corsight AI’s Facial Intelligence technology excels in the banking indusrty, renowned for its accuracy and speed in detecting faces and patterns under challenging conditions typical of commercial spaces.

Be it poor video quality, limited viewing angles, low light conditions, distance, facial coverings, or even disguises, Corsight AI navigates these complexities with ease, providing reliable and actionable insights.

The Innovative Approach of Corsight AI's ATM Security Solution

Empowering Leading Banks Worldwide

With its cutting-edge technology and robust application, Corsight AI empowers banks worldwide to step into a future where personalized customer service and effective fraud and scam prevention are both goals and realities.


The benefits of using state-of-the-art technology







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