Identify Threats in Real Time and Conduct Forensic Investigations with Facial Intelligence

In many countries, police budgets are shrinking while crime rates are rising. To address these challenges, law enforcement agencies are turning to technology.

Facial Intelligence technology offers significant advantages for law enforcement agencies, addressing both immediate security concerns and investigative needs.

Key Benefits for Law Enforcement Agencies:

Identifying Wanted Criminals and Missing Individuals:

Utilizing advanced algorithms, this technology aids in the swift identification of suspects and the location of missing persons.

Post-Event Investigation Efficiency::

The capability to screen hundreds or thousands of hours of CCTV or body-worn camera footage at 30 times the speed autonomously yields comprehensive results, including all observed faces and matches..

Advanced Image Matching:

This feature conducts searches across all data sets, both local and national, for specific persons of interest. It can screen and match against an extensive database of up to 1 million images in 10 milliseconds.

Real-Time Deployment, Both Overt and Covert:

The technology can be used in various settings, including control rooms or directly from vehicles, and is accessible via tablets or mobile devices. It enables officers to instantly detect all wanted suspects or persons of interest, enhancing situational awareness and response efficiency.

Optimized for Real World Conditions:

The technology is fine-tuned for accuracy and reliability, even under real-world constraints such as poor video quality, limited surveillance camera angles, darkness, extreme weather, distance, motion, facial coverage, and disguises.

These advancements in Facial Recognition technology not only streamline the investigative process but also significantly enhance the capability of law enforcement agencies to maintain public safety and order.

Post-Event Investigation

Facial Intelligence technology enriches forensic investigations by analyzing video and photographic evidence from crime scenes. This capability ensures that even partial or low-quality images can be utilized to identify individuals, thereby broadening the range of evidence that can lead to breakthroughs in investigations and, ultimately, in solving complex cases.

Why Corsight AI Stands Out

Corsight AI’s Facial Intelligence technology excels in law enforcement, renowned for its accuracy and speed in detecting faces and patterns under challenging conditions typical of public spaces and sensitive areas.

Be it poor video quality, limited viewing angles, low light conditions, distance, facial coverings, or even disguises, Corsight AI navigates these complexities with ease, providing reliable and actionable insights.

Empowering Law Enforcement Agencies Worldwide

With its cutting-edge technology and robust application, Corsight AI is empowering law enforcement agencies worldwide to step into the future of community safety and homeland security  – a future where enhanced public safety, efficiency, and accuracy in large spaces, and rapid time-to-resolution in the field are not just goals, but realities.

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