Enhance Retail Operations with Corsight AI Facial Intelligence
In the dynamic world of retail, enhancing customer experience, elevating service levels, and effectively managing loss prevention are pivotal to success. Corsight AI emerges as a game-changer in this realm, offering leading retailers across the globe a powerful tool to transform these challenges into opportunities.

Use Your Existing Cameras to Prevent Shoplifting and Reduce Store Shrinkage

Core Applications of Corsight AI in Retail

Loss Prevention by Identifying Threats:
Corsight AI’s Facial Intelligence technology is at the forefront of mitigating retail losses. By recognizing individuals with a history of criminal behavior from a watchlist or identifying patterns typical of shoplifters, retailers can proactively prevent theft and safeguard their assets.

Enhancing Customer Experience to Improve Sales:
Recognizing and understanding customers is key to providing personalized service. Corsight AI aids in identifying repeat customers and those in need of assistance, enabling retailers to effectively cater to individual needs and preferences.

Service Level Policy Enforcement:
In the bustling retail environment, managing staff efficiency and customer wait times is essential. Corsight AI assists in analyzing staff-to-customer ratios and monitoring queue speed, ensuring compliance with predefined service standards.

Access Management:
Ensuring security in sensitive areas is crucial. Corsight AI fortifies retail spaces by alerting staff about unauthorized attempts to access restricted zones, thereby maintaining the integrity and safety of these areas.

Audience Analytics:
Understanding customer demographics and appearance patterns is vital for tailoring marketing strategies and store layouts. Corsight AI provides valuable insights into the audience by analyzing age, gender, duration, and frequency of customer visits.

Fighting Shoplifting

Using your existing cameras, Corsight AI’s Facial Intelligence enables you to identify both known and unknown individuals based on appearance repetition and duration patterns.

In this instance a pattern characteristic of shoplifters has been defined. Specifically, three repetitions within an hour. The person is recognized even if they are not known in advance, and an alert is generated.

Reducing Burglary

Retailers can protect their facilities during closing hours by using Corsight AI’s Facial Intelligence technology. This unique capability enables the recognition of specific predefined scenarios from video footage, even when the individuals involved are unknown.

When the same person is detected outside the store for longer than a predetermined duration, or if they are identified multiple times within a brief period, an alert is triggered. This enables security teams to act quickly, either by responding directly or by notifying the police, to mitigate the risks of burglary and vandalism.

Why Corsight AI Stands Out

Corsight AI’s Facial Intelligence technology excels in the retail environment, renowned for its accuracy and speed in detecting faces and patterns under challenging conditions typical of commercial spaces.

Be it poor video quality, limited viewing angles, low light conditions, distance, facial coverings, or even disguises, Corsight AI navigates these complexities with ease, providing reliable and actionable insights.

Empowering Retailers Worldwide

With its cutting-edge technology and robust application, Corsight AI is empowering retailers worldwide to step into the future of retail operations – a future where enhanced customer experience, efficient service, and effective loss prevention are not just goals, but realities.

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